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Adult and Teen Challenge Vermont


Teen Challenge Vermont offers Christ-centered, faith-based solutions to youth, adults, and families who struggle with addiction problems.

“Teen Challenge is holistic – meaning that we are concerned with the body, mind, and spirit of those who come to us for help. We endeavor to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive.

We are confident that a restored relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, can transform those who are broken into vibrant, free, and sober people.









The Adult & Teen Challenge Vermont Men’s Center sits among the Green Mountains in Johnson, Vermont. With panoramic views of sunrises, fall foliage, and cascading winter snowfalls on Mt. Sterling, one is commanded by the beauty of Vermont to step outside! 

Since 2005 the grounds have been the base for personal transformation and family restoration. As a 15 month discipleship training program, Adult & Teen Challenge Vermont Men’s Center serves to equip men for leadership in both the marketplace and ministry, fulfilling the Great Commission in all spheres of influence.

The spring and summer allow for horseshoe tournaments, fishing, hiking, swimming, and good barbequing. With the center Chapel serving as a multi-purpose space, weekly worship gatherings, community events, and weddings are easily facilitated. 

We invite you to experience the power of the human heart, connected with its Creator, in the full landscape of creation. Upon “The Holy Hill” sits a diverse community of disciples of Jesus that have been confronted by hope, who now walk in freedom, and live with a passionate purpose.








The ribbon was cut to signify new beginnings.  At the Adult & Teen Challenge Vermont Women’s Center, a new home inaugurated the beginning of a new life: a life encountered by God’s love, grace, and transformation, so that future generations can know the true meaning of liberation!

Careful, meticulous detail has gone into the renovations of this 1800’s era bed and breakfast. New walls, floors, electric, plumbing, all new appliances and fixtures, brand-new bedroom sets, kitchen, and academic hall have made this home the finest in all of Hardwick and beyond.  All work on the home was done by the Adult & Teen Challenge Vermont men within the maintenance / vocational department.

Our greatest desire is for this sanctuary to become the cloak of Christ for struggling ladies, and a wellspring of hope, healing, and recovery for Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire!

Considering the times, they are perilous. Considering the odds, they are against us. Considering the tasks, they are daunting. Considering our God and His army: We are able!

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