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   Iglesia Bautista Monte Horeb

   La Cieba, Honduras



  Middletown Springs Community Church, since 2012, has had a relationship with  the Mount Horeb Baptist Church in La Cieba, Honduras.


  Our short term mission trips, in conjunction with The Woodlands Church, Woodlands, TX. our teams have been travelling to La Cieba to minister to the local church.  Guided by Pastor Jorge Duran of Iglesia Bautista Monte Horeb, we have aided in building churches for other young pastors that Pastor Jorge is mentoring, small houses for locals in the surrounding communities, and run children’s programs in a number of different churches. We have fed those that live in the river bed shanty towns, visited prisoners, assisted Sister Rosario with her ministry to the children living in the squatter housing, and did construction for Katlyn McConnell and Finding Hope Ministries to street children and homeless women. We also have assisted in construction projects with new church plants in small communities. These church plants are essential to the communities. Not only are we fulfilling the great commission of bringing the Gospel to every corner of the earth and sharing the good news of the saving grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, these churches establish a community center and serve multiple purposes for stabilizing areas so in need.


  During our short stay we are able to reach out to women in the community by providing a vacation bible school type environment for their children so they are able to be ministered to directly.


  In the afternoons a sports type outreach is provided for older children

and we join together with the residents in worship services.

Some of the side work we are also able to do is go into the prison system and offer ministry to the prisoner population and provide meals for the prison population. Unlike U.S. Prisons, prisoners rely on outside benevolence or family to meet their daily needs. We have also gone into some of the poorest neighborhoods to distribute food bags of staples with about a weeks worth of food along with some sweets and treats for the children.

These short term trips are part of our continuing long-term relationship with Iglesia Bautista Monte Horeb in La Cieba, Honduras.

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