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Jacob Stafford - Watchmen Witnessing Ministry
We advance the gospel

We want more nonbelievers to be saved, more believers to share their faith, and more evangelists to be active in their God-given work. So, with the support of our partners, we reach nonbelievers with the gospel, inspire believers to be faithful witnesses, and empower evangelists to fulfill their ministry, all through witnessing on the street and sharing videos of it with people online.

Jacob Stafford - Watchman

Hello! I am a disciple of Jesus, a soon-to-be husband, and an aspiring full-time Evangelist. I am a member at Countryside Bible Church. I am engaged to Mallory Hardie. I am influenced by men like Ray Comfort. I am Jacob, not Jake - I went by ‘Jake’ before coming to Christ, and so I now prefer to be called ‘Jacob’. 

Theological Tidbits

Three of my frequent praises to God: He is All Glorious. He is Savior. He is Gracious.

Three hopes that keep me going: Joining all creatures in the worship of God on His throne for all eternity. Seeing and hearing Jesus face to face. Receiving the crown of life and eternal rewards. 

One doctrine that I especially love: union with Christ (e.g. John 17). 

One practice that I especially recommend: living by grace (e.g. Romans 6). 

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