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Community Church
A Christ Following Church

Middletown Springs

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      Welcome Home. We're glad you are here.

Whenever a family goes on a trip,it isn’t long before someone asks the question, “Are we there yet?” All of us here at MSCC have arrived at the church we love and call home.Whether you are visiting or looking for a place to call home, we are glad you are here.

          Join us for worship Sunday at 10 am.

I'm New
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We strive to be a welcoming church, but it is not unusual for visitors to have some questions. What can I Expect? What Should I Wear? What about My Children?   We hope that this information will … Read More ›
How to Find Us
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So what is this 'gospel' I keep hearing about? The short answer is 'gospel' means 'good news'. We hear and read all sorts of misuses of the term but simply put, in its truest form … Read More ›
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